Collaborative Divorce / Dissolution of Domestic Partnership

A Collaborative Divorce is an alternative to mediation or litigation.

A Collaborative Divorce is a multi-disciplinary approach to divorce. Each party is represented by specially trained attorneys who advise the parties as to their legal rights and obligations. In addition to the attorneys, there is a neutral financial professional supporting the parties in producing financial information for transparency plus converting that information into possible financial settlement models. For parenting agreements and communication coaching, the parties work with one or two mental health professionals.

Collaborative Divorce professionals and the parties agree to stay out of the court system and to work together rather than in opposition to each other. Each professional in a Collaborative Divorce team is specially trained to support the parties in negotiating in good faith and working towards a mutually agreeable settlement. The parties and professionals form a “Collaborative Team” and the Team problem-solves together. Collaborative Divorce, like mediation, offers privacy and agency to the parties. A commitment to full transparency and disclosure of all material information is key to the process. Parties who work within this process report higher satisfaction with the outcome and long-lasting respect for each other post-divorce.